Transfer Schedules - 1 - Create Transfer Order

Creating Transfers/Using Transfer Schedules

To initiate a transfer, Click on the Gear Icon and Choose Parts

This will open the Part Master View, which will allow you to search for a part…

Search for and choose the part.  Double Click on the part to open it.

Click on the Inventory Tab

Click on the Location you wish to have SEND the material in the transfer.  Right Click and choose Initiate Transfer...

The Specify Transfer details box will appear…

Fill in the Transfer Quantity and change the unit of measure appropriately (each, gallons, etc.)

Change the Due Date to the date the transfer should appear in the Transfer Schedule.

Click Auto-confirm transfer (this will eliminate the need for the transfer to be acknowledged & confirmed at the receiving plant)

Choose the receiving plant from the Locations list and add any notes that may be necessary (Fred picked up with morning delivery)

Click Finish

The expected inventory changes will appear on the Part until the transfer is completed (which will complete the inventory adjustment)