Transfer Schedules - 2 - Complete Transfer

To view transfer schedules:

Click Window >> Show View >> Company Locations

The list of Company Locations will appear: 

Double click on a location to open.  

Click the Open Transfer Schedule button

The transfers schedule will open.  Transfer items will appear in the Pool.  Confirm the Transfer Order.  (Right Click on the line item and choose Confirm item(s)..., the Confirm screen will open and allow you to choose the date the line item will show up in.  Click Finish)

If it’s necessary to modify the quantities to be transferred, Right Click and choose Edit in house order...

Click Finish

To complete the transfer, click on the line item to be transferred.  Right click and choose Ship Items…

Create a Batch to add your transfer items to.  If multiple items are added to the same batch, the report will have all items in the batch listed on it.

Click Next

Fill in the Finished Qty and Click Finish

Add your name to the Operator field to make it easy to recall your Batch later

In the Completed Transfers section, click on the line item you’ve just transferred.  In the top right hand corner of your BizApp Screen, choose File and Print.  This will give you the report that needs to be signed by the receiving party when the transfer is completed.  Print a copy, have the receiving person sign it to acknowledge receipt of the material.