Transfer Schedules - 3 - Modify An Existing Transfer

To Modify a Completed Transfer

Open the Transfer Schedule and Click on the Results tab

Right Click on the Batch that contains the Transfer to be modified and choose Open Batch

Right Click on the Completed Transfer line item and choose Modify Quantity…

To reverse a Completed Transfer, you will have to remove the shipped quantity by choosing Modify Quantity first…

Click Finish

In the Batch, Right Click on the Transfer again and choose Open Order

Reduce the Order Quantity to zero and close the Transfer Order

Once the quantity has been removed, the line item can be selected in the Batch and deleted (Click once to select & press Delete on your keyboard)

The system will ask if you are SURE you want to DELETE the selected items...Click Yes

In the Transfer Schedule right click on the Transfer Order to be removed and choose Unconfirm Item