Command Line Arguments

Command line switches

There are 2 types of command line switches in BizApp, switches that control Eclipse and switches that control Java.

The Eclipse switches are:

-data                              Specifies the location of the workspace folder for this instance

-database                    Specifies the location of the database for this instance

-databaseName        The name of the database BizApp should use

-scheduling                Controls if this instance is to be used as a scheduling engine

the Eclipse switches must come before the Java switches and the Java switches must start with "-vmargs"

The Java switches are:

-vmargs                                          Virtual Machine Arguments - this switch indicates that everything following it is intended for Java. It must therefore be the first of the Java                                                             switches.
-Xmx2048m                                    Specifies how much memory is allocated to this instance (2048 = 2 Gb, 1024 = 1 Gb, ect.) - recommended for all installs        allows you to check for updates (should only be used by Administrator)          lets you view installed modules and install new modules (should only be used by Administrator)

as an example consider the following command line:

C:\BizApp\Live\BizApp.exe -data C:\BizApp\Workspaces\Live\%username% -database localhost -databasename genesisdb -vmargs  -Xmx1024m

this command line does the following:

sets the .exe path to C:\BizApp\Live\BizApp.exe
sets the workspace path (-data) to C:\BizApp\Workspaces\Live\%username%   (the %username% variable will create/access a workspace folder with the users name)
sets the database location (-database) to localhost,
sets the  database name (-databaseName) to genesisdb
declares the start of Virtual Machine arguments with -vmargs
sets the memory to 1 Gb
enables updates
enables module installs.

refer to the shortcut properties of a working install to verify your .exe path, workspace path, database location, name, etc.