Client Install

BizApp New Client Install Instructions


Part 1: Collect the following information:

1.Your BizApp appCode
2. Your companies Database Server Host Name
3. Your companies internal update site
4. Your companies BizApp command line
5. A list of your companies BizApp modules
6. Your new user name and password as assigned by your administrator

Part 2: Download and install BizApp

Download and install the BizApp Client installer from

    -note- you must be in a 64bit browser to download the 64 bit installer.If you click on the above link in a 32 bit browser it will download the 32                 bit installer. the installer will take about 5 minutes to download.

Double click on the installer to run it. Windows may give you errors about unsigned content or untrusted applications. Just click OK.

During the installation set the directory to  C:\BizApp Clients\BizApp\ as the destination folder

Once the install is complete navigate to C:\BizApp Clients\BizApp\bizapp.ini and open it in notepad

Enter your companies AppCode after “appCode=” at the top of the file, then click File\Save.

Go to your desktop and Right click the BizApp desktop shortcut and navigate to “properties/shortcut tab/start in”.

Cut and paste your companies BizApp command line into the “Target” field:


 Part 3: Set up Database Connection

 Start the new BizApp client. It will take several minutes to start the first time as it sets up your workspace.

Once it starts you will see the Database Connection Wizard.

Database Server address/name:  Enter your companies Database Server Hostname

              MySQL database port #:  (usually leave blank unless you have a non-standard installation)

              MySQL database name:  (usually leave blank unless you have a non-standard installation)

              Click Finish


                When prompted to log in, use your new user name and password


Part 4: set up update sites

 navigate to Help\Install new Software\Available Software Sites (in blue by the Add button)

Add a new site 

Name: Enter the version of BizApp you are running

Location: Enter your companies internal update site 

Select the appropriate modules for your company (refer to your companies installed module list)


 Refer to Installing a new module to install the modules your company uses.

You may also want to Install Updates