Shipping via Green Dollar Sign Views

Shipping - Without Schedules


Green Dollar Sign icon >> Open Orders  (most helpful if order number is known)

Double Click on the line item to be shipped.  It will open the Order.

Click the
Shipments tab…

Click Ship Order to create the Staged shipment - Do not use Add Shipping containers until Schedule use is implemented

The Produced and Applied Stock columns will be filled in by Production and will show how many items were built for this order (Produced) and how many should be pulled from inventory (Applied Stock) to complete the quantity required.  The Order Quantity minus the quantity previously shipped On Other Shipments will show you the balance Quantity Needed.  Fill in the quantity being sent in Ship Quantity.  

If the quantity being sent now is less than the order quantity and no back order will be sent later to fulfill the balance place a checkmark in the Order Item Complete checkbox.  This will keep the system from keeping the order open for a remaining balance.

Click Finish

If staging is required before shipping (System Preference can be set either way), the shipment won’t be finalized until the Ship button is clicked.  The current date will default into the Ship Date field when the Ship button is clicked.  If staging is not required the Shipment will automatically be finalized & marked shipped after you click finish on the Specify Shipping Info screen.

.If staging is used, shipments will be created prior to actually leaving the dock.

To find shipments that need to be finalized, Use the Open Shipments view (Green Dollar Sign >> Open Shipments) (most helpful if the Order/Shipment number is known)

 Green Dollar Sign >> Open Shipments

Double click on a line to open the Order to the Shipments tab

If the Finalized column says Yes, the shipment has been completed.  If the Finalized column is blank, the shipment has been created & is staged but not Shipped.


From within the open order, Update the Ship Date, the Truck Driver (if known) and Click the Ship button to finalize