Service & Warranty Claim

Service & Warranty

The Service & Warranty Tab is located on the Customer

 Click the Add New Button to Create a New Service & Warranty Claim

Service & Warranty Claim Types are set up in the System Preferences:

    Window >> Preferences >> BizApp >> System Settings >> Service/Warranty

Service/Warranty Claim Types set up here will appear in drop down lists to assign a claim type and filter the list of existing claims on Customer records.

The Claim Date defaults to today but can be changed to the appropriate date

The Claim Type drop down list displays all of the values created in the System Preferences.  It’s important to choose a claim type so that the claim can be recalled in the filtered list later.

Customer Location refers to which customer location is requesting/reporting claim information

Company Location refers to which internal location created the product or is responsible for handling the claim request

The Customer Doc. # is used to reference the claim number used on the form the Customer provides asking for credit, replacement, etc.  This number will carry over into the Credit and RGA as the PO number authorizing the replacement, credit or return order.   

Cust. Doc. Notes are used to add general information to the claim.  Specific correspondence/e-mails can be uploaded as a File Attachment and calls should be recorded in the Customer Interactions.


- Within Company Locations the Role can be assigned to approve Service & Warranty claims.  The role of approver can be assigned to as many users as necessary

Window >> Show View >> Company Locations >> Choose Location >> Roles Tab >> Assign Role of Service Reviewer

Action Required should be marked if any manual processes need to be performed in order to complete the Service & Warranty claim.  The user assigned to the Quality Manager role will be notified with a message that a claim has been created that requires action.  They must log into the claim and mark the Action Completed button.  (Window >> Show View >> Company Locations >> Choose Location >> Roles Tab >> Assign Role of Quality Manager)


Notifications alert the sales team and approvers upon login


Links to the Claim to be approved show up in BizApp Mail

.Claims are used to document any and all conversations with customers. 


Claim items are added to the claim and will automatically appear on the RGA or Credit Memo.

Editing/adding claim items must be done from within the claim.  The RGA or Credit must be locked prior to editing the claim so that they can be updated as well.  Click the Change button on the claim, when the claim is Finalized again, all documents are updated and approval notifications can be resent.

If the original BizApp Sales Order number is referenced on a claim, a notice is posted on the original Sales Order once the claim has been finalized.  Clicking on the notification within the Sales Order will reopen and/or return to the claim.

For each Claim Item added, add the Part Number, Quantity and original Sales Order number if available.  If the original Sales Order number is referenced, the Unit $ (Price) should match the price on the Sales Order.  If a more recent price has been added to the system, a dialogue box will appear asking if the current price should be used instead.  

Credit Taken - Click the box to indicate that the customer has already taken a credit for the amount of the claim.  (This is more for internal documentation and will NOT trigger any action within BizApp.  If the Credit Taken box is selected the accounting department should adjust the existing invoice(s) appropriately and NOT send another credit notification to the customer)

RGA Item - Click the box to indicate that a Returned Goods Authorization should be created.  (Not marking a claim as an RGA will result in a Credit Only)

-  Marking this claim item as an RGA will create a Sales Order (marked as an RGA).  

-  When the customer returns the product(s) mentioned in the claim, complete the Shipment process to show that the material has been returned

-  Create a Credit Invoice from the Shipment.  (Go to Open Shipments, choose the shipment number, right click and choose Generate Invoice)

***System Settings (Window >> Preferences >> BizApp >> System Settings >> Inventory) should be checked to see whether or not items returned on RGA’s are added back into inventory automatically.  If the checkbox on this setting is marked, each RGA will increase the on-hand inventory when the Shipment process happens.

    ***If the material will be returned to be scrapped, and the system preferences are set to increase inventory, the scrap process will need to happen manually with an Inventory Adjustment on the Part:

        - Open the Part Number

        - Choose the Inventory Tab

        - Right Mouse click in the Stock Locations section, choose Add Adjustment

        - Enter the adjustment amount and a note referencing the Service & Warranty Claim

Approved/Denied - Each line item on a claim must be marked as Approved or Denied prior to the entire claim being approved.  Changes to a Claim Item will result in any previous approvals being removed.