Profit & Loss Report

Profit Margin Report

Located at: Report/Sales/Profit Margin

Column Description

Price         = Unit Selling Price
Prod. Cost = Unit Total mfg. Cost in BOM
Mat. Cost         = Unit Material cost portion in BOM
Non-Mat. Cost = Unit Non-Material cost portion in BOM (Labor, misc. costs)
Qty         = Qty of items on Order Line Item
%Margin         = (Price – Prod. Cost) / Price
$Total = (Qty * Price)   Total Line Item Selling Price on Order
$Margin         = (%Margin * $Total)  Total profit per Line Item

Set up an Excel Spreadsheet with Formula’s in the top several lines in preparation to Cut-n-Paste line items from this report.  

I would total the $Total to give Total Sales for the week.  

Total the (Mat. Cost * Qty) to generate the total Material costs for the week.

Total the ($total - $Margin) to generate the total ‘non-material cost’ revenue for the week.