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Receiving - From Purchase Order

Receiving from within the Purchase Order is recommended when the receiving function is performed by an Accounting or Admin staff member...

Red Shopping Cart Icon to view all Open Purchase Orders

Double click on a line item to open the order.  Click on the Receivers tab.

Click Receive Items

Enter the quantities delivered, if an order was shipped short and the remaining balance will never be delivered mark the order line Complete by placing a check in the box on that line.  Record the number of packages delivered for each part number, this will help track down discrepancies later.

Click Finish

The Receiver now exists on the Purchase Order.  If there are any discrepancies in the ordered quantity vs. delivered quantity or prices, a notice will be sent to the Purchasing Agent (if the System Preference is set to do so).  The receiving paperwork can be scanned into the record for future reference.  Once necessary approvals are completed, the Bill Number should be filled in.  (Bill Number = Invoice number from the paper bill sent by the Vendor that will help them identify the payment they receive.)
The Receiver should be locked by clicking on the Lock/Unlock Icon 

Once the receiver has been locked, the Generate Bill button will become available.  Click the button to create the bill payment to the vendor.  The bill will open immediately to be finalized.