Purchasing without Schedules - Manual P.O. - Single Vendor

Purchasing without Schedules

Purchase Orders are best created through the schedules, however, at times it may become necessary to create PO’s manually.  To create a PO to a single Vendor, click on the RED Shopping cart icon at the top of the screen  

Choose the Vendor Name from the drop down list.  

Fill in the Delivery Date

If it is necessary to maintain something like a Project Name that this order is allocated for, put it in the PO Title field

If you are unsure which PO Terms to use, contact your accounting department

Choose the appropriate FOB terms, if you are unsure which ones you should use, contact your accounting department

Is RGA - Mark this box to specify that the Purchase Order has been created to Return Goods to the Vendor (Returned Goods Authorization form)

Is Archived - Mark this box to get rid of a PO from showing up in your list of Open Purchase Orders, uncheck this box to resurrect a previously archived PO

Cancel PO - Mark this box to Cancel PO.  IMPORTANT NOTE - Marking this box only removes this PO from your active list of PO’s.  It DOES NOT contact your Vendor and Cancel your order with them, make sure you do so if you choose to cancel an existing order!

Add items to the Purchase Order by clicking on the Add New button  in the bottom section of the screen.

If the Vendor’s e-mail address has been added to the record, you will be able to e-mail the Purchase Order as soon as you finalize it