New Product Approvals

New Product Approvals

Some companies will follow a New Product Approval process in order to coordinate the efforts of Engineering, Production, Materials and Sales when it’s time to introduce their latest products.  The New Product Approval function in BizApp works with the Customer Quotes.  To initiate the New Product Approval process, open the Customer that the product is being created for.  (Green Dollar Sign Icon >> Customers)


Choose the appropriate Customer from the list and double click the customer name to Open the record.  

Look for the New Product Approvals tab...

Click the Add New icon  or right click and choose Start new product approval

Give the NPA a meaningful Title.  Choose the Sales Person, Requested Start Date and the Customer Location.  Fill in any Notes and Attach any Files that may be of help to the NPA process.

Drag parts from an unexpired quote onto the NPA.  To Open the Quote, Open the Customer's record.  Choose the Quotes tab.  Open the Quote & click once to highlight the part.  If the Quote and the NPA are opened in side by side views, you can drag & drop the part from the Quote onto the NPA.

Click Submit to request approvals.  Notifications will be sent to the BizApp message box for each person who appears as an Approver in the Required Signoffs box.  (To add names to this list, the person must be set up as an approver for New Product Approvals in the Company Locations.  Window >> Show View >> Company Locations >> Roles tab >> Add User >> Add Role)

Click Finalize when all Approvals have been collected.