Invoicing - Exporting without the QB Bridge

Exporting Invoices without the QB Bridge

Choose Reports from the Menu Bar >> Click Sales

Click Invoices and Click Next

Choose the Start Date and End Date for the report, these dates will refer to the dates the invoice was created.  Click Finish to generate the report.

The invoices report will show which items have been exported and which have not.  You can multi-select invoices to send over to your accounting system by holding down the Shift key (select the first & last item and all the invoices in between will also be selected) or you can hold down the Control key and select separate line items.


Right click on the items you wish to export and choose Export Invoices to JDE files or don’t select anything and choose Export all unexported invoices to JDE files

If for some reason an invoice needs to be corrected and exported again in the future follow this same process to mark the invoice as un-exported so that the system will allow you to send it again.  Also, if for some reason you want to mark an invoice as having been exported just to clear it from your list of available invoices to move, right click here and choose Mark as Exported.