Managing Storage Containers

Adding a new storage container

Window>Show View>Other>Containers

click on add new icon in upper right corner

enter a container number 
enter a company location and a storage location

Add parts to a container
Open the associated PO - Recievers tab

click on Receive Items, the receiving window is displayed

Select the storage location from the drop down.
Enter the container number, delivered quantity and number of packages in the appropriate columns. 
Check the complete column off and click finish.
a receiver notice will be sent to the appropriate user(s).

Moving parts between storage containers
Open the receiving part container. Drag it to the right and dock it there.

[screenshot of docking]

Open the sending part container
Select item(s) from the container items table in the sending container. Drag and drop them into the receiving container

[screenshot of drag and drop]

The following window is dispayed. Enter the quantities you wish to transfer in the column and click Finish

[specify the quantities to transfer window]