Import Parts Worksheet

Import Parts Worksheet

To import parts into BizApp from a CSV file...


Gear Icon >> Parts

Right click within the Master Parts list and choose Organize, then choose Import parts worksheet...

At the Apply Template drop down list, choose the appropriate template from the drop down list to apply to the newly imported parts.

At the Add into group drop down list, choose the appropriate part group from the drop down list that that newly imported parts should belong to.

At this point you should choose to Manage the Columns so that they match what is to be imported...

    a. Turn off all columns that do not exist in your CSV file

    b. Ensure that the Part # column is turned off since the part numbers do not yet exist and will result in a null error

    c. Arrange the columns in the Table from Left to Right to exactly match the Left to Right Order of columns in the CSV file

Click the Choose... button to browse to the location of the .csv file you want to import

At this point review the data that came into the grid to ensure that the correct data is in the proper column

Press the Load button to complete the import