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BIRT Business Intelligence Reporting Tool a highly customizable report system that can pull information from any part of BizApp and display it in a specified way. 
Bleed Over in scheduling bleed over refers to items on the schedule that were not completed during a previous time period, and have "bled over" to the current one. 
BOM Bill of Materials (pronounced "bomb") The list of materials needed to make a finished product. The BOM in BizApp is used for routing as well. 
CI Custom Intelligence - the company that develops BizApp 
COGS GL Cost of Goods Sold - General Ledger 
Condensed Production Ticket  
CRM Customer Relationship Management - A system of keeping track of customers which includes detailed information about them and their interactions with you. 
Customer In BizApp a customer requests the items to be produced. Approved customer quotes result in an invoice (account receivable) 
DND Drag and Drop the ability to "pick up" an item with the mouse and "drop" it into another field or area 
Eclipse  Eclipse is a computer programming system. BizApp was not only written with Eclipse, but it actually runs as a series of "plug-ins" in Eclipse. 
Finalizing Completing a PO, shipment, quote, bill, or invoice. Finalizing locks out changes. If changes must be made later, a revision or change order is needed. 
Float Pool  
FOB Freight on Board -refers to the ownership of an item during shipment.  
Jboss A service that allows computers to pass information between them. Jboss is how BizApp communicates with the scheduling engine. 
Kanban a system where a replacement supply is automatically ordered when the current supply is running low. 
Lean Manufacturing a system of optimizing every step of the manufacturing process to cut costs, time, and resource requirements. 
Lock for Production  Marking an item locked for production prevents further changes. A change order or revision is needed to make further modifications 
MRP Materials Requirements Program - A software program (like BizApp) that handles the materials required to manufacture a good. 
NPA New Product Approval 
Part Collection  
Parts  Parts are things you buy, sell, produce, and are even non-material items such as labor and overhead. 
PO Purchase Order An order placed to an outside agency to purchase materials or supplies 
Production Ticket  
Pull Ticket a list used by a production worker to gather the items they need to produce a certain product group. 
Purchasing Schedule  
QB Bridge Quick Books Bridge - A BizApp component that facilitates communication between BizApp and QuickBooks 
Repository a location (usually a folder) where information can be kept  
Resulting entering production results into BizApp such as units produced, units scraped, ect. 
RFQ Request for Quote -a request from a customer or to a vendor 
RGA Return Goods Authorization -refers to the approval of an item that is being returned due to defect or error. An RGA is much like a sales order, but it creates a credit instead of a debit. There is an advanced preferences setting that determines if an RGA item is returned to inventory or not. 
Routing In manufacturing routing refers to the path that parts take to become a finished product. BizApp does not track routing separately like other MRP systems do. In BizApp the routing of parts is integrated into the bill of materials (BOM) and managed by the Schedules. In BizApp every step in the manufactring process is it's own routing. 
Schedule Period  
Scheduling Engine A second instance of BizApp that runs in the background to handle the calculations that occur "under the hood" 
Scheduling Pool  
Scrap  in the context of BizApp scrap does not refer to the unused parts of material. Instead it refers to a damaged, or flawed piece of material that is not fit for production 
Script a system of statements that is used to accomplish a series of tasks on a computer. BizApp uses Javascript for this purpose. 
SKU Stock Keeping Unit - a unique identifier given to an individual item so that it can be tracked easily (often takes the form of a bar code) 
SQL Structured Query Language (pronounced "sequel") SQL is the primary data management system that BizApp uses 
Vendor In BizApp a vendor is any company that supplies the materials to produce items. Approved vendor quotes will result in a bill (account payable) 
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