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Customer Products

Products Tab

Set up the list of products that your customer purchases from your company in order to save time creating orders.  The Customer’s part number, part description and agreed upon price are all stored in this section and are referenced when a sales order is created for the Customer.  Pricing can also be set up to be grabbed from the quotes, a custom price set here, a default price or the wholesale price.

Location Specific Specs used to track Vendor Managed Customer Product by customer location as well as estimated usages

Parts can be drug from the Part Master into the Customer Product list, use the Shift or Control keys to multi-select the part numbers to be moved. 

Once your choices are highlighted, click once to grab the group and don’t release your mouse until you have moved the entire selection into the list you want it to appear in.

*If you are unable to move parts from one list to the other, right click, go to the Organize menu and verify that Enable Drag-N-Drop moving is turned on.