Printing BIRT Reports

Any time Print appears in the right click menu, a print site is available where custom BIRT reports could exist.  The available reports will specifically apply to the area of the database being worked on. 

How to Export and Print BIRT Reports in BizApp

Simple Reports can be designed to immediately Export to a PDF format where you can easily print.

Other Reports are designed to display in the HTML format directly within BizApp. These can have additional capabilities such as Hot Links to specific items on the Report or exporting capability.

Here are the Steps to Print out or Export an HTML Report.

Select the 4th Icon from the left “Export Report

For printing select the PDF format.  Here is where you can also export to Excel or other formats to save as a file for Emailing.

After selecting “OK” it will prompt you to Open immediately or Save to a File.

After launching the PDF window you can Print normally.