Modifying an Existing Report (on Citrix)

Identify, locate, and copy the report to modify

In BizApp, navigate to the site where the report is run from and select "customize/ update"
in the dialog that comes up, note the path to the report.
In a file browser navigate to the location of the report folder. 
Copy the contents of the folder.

Paste the report files and modify the report

launch an instance of BizApp from your development environment*
open report designer
create a new folder for the report if not already done. This keeps the report design file, configuration file, and libraries all together
copy the .rptdesign, .rptconfig and library files into the new report folder
edit the report as needed. Be sure to save when you are done.

*in order to preview your report in the development environment you must have a launch configuration for your company that is linked to the database for your company.

Publish the report to the live system

In your development environment right click on the .rptdesign file and select "properties"
copy the file path to the file
Launch BizApp from the Citrix server
navigate to the print site where the report is used. Right click and select "customize"
right click on the report itself and select "update" 
in the update dialog copy the file path into the browse field.
Replace the drive letter at the beginning of the file path to " V:\" (this is Genesis specific) *1
in the library table below, click add new. It will open a file browser at the location specified in the previous step
select the report librarie(s) and add them to the table. 
Click finish to complete the process

*The "repo" feature in BizApp will take the file at the specified location and copy it to the appropriate folder. The path you enter here will be changed to reflect this.