Creating a BIRT report

To create a new BIRT report in BizApp:

Step 1: Setup project folders for BIRT report development (this will only need to be done the first time)

-you must be in advanced mode to perform this procedure.

Open the Report Design Perspective - Window/Open Perspective/Other/Report Design

Create a new report project to store the report libraries in

-It is important to have a separate project to store your report libraries in, especially if multiple people will be working on BIRT reports. This allows you to update the report libraries project without having to update any individual reports that have already been created. 

navigate to File/New/Project.../Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools/Report Project

Name your project "BizApp Report Libraries" (This project will be just for storing the report libraries. The actual reports will be in a different project)

change system preferences to use the new "BizApp Report Libraries" project as the resource folder for the library explorer

Navigate to Window/Preferences/Report Design/Resource and click on "Workspace"

in the dialog, select your project. this will keep your report libraries in a project separate from your actual report projects.

Create a new report project for the actual reports

like before, navigate to File/New/Project.../Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools/Report Project

name this project "BizApp BIRT reports". 

-If you intend to have a large number of custom BIRT reports you can create several projects to store them in, allowing you to organize them by category.

Step 2: Deploy the report libraries - this must be done from the "customize" menu in a print site. The print site on the parts editor will be used in this example.

-deploying the report libraries will need to be done whenever there is a change to the report libraries in BizApp.

Open a print site - Gear Icon/Parts/parts editor print icon drop down arrow/customize

Deploy the report libraries -in the "select the print options" dialog, right click in the table and select "deploy report libraries project to workspace"

Select the location for the report libraries. A folder will be created at that location called "BizApp Report Libraries". Make note of this location, you will need it shortly.

Step 3: Import the newly deployed report libraries

Right click in the Navigator area and select "import"

Under the "General" folder select "Existing Projects into Workspace".

Click the Browse button and select the location you deployed the report libraries to.

Be sure to select the folder named "BizApp Report Libraries" that was created at your chosen location.

also make sure you check "Copy projects into workspace".

Step 4: Create a new report 

in the navigator tab, right click on the BizApp BIRT Reports Project and select New/Report

Give your new report a name and select one of the report templates (or a blank report)

You now have your new report open in the report perspective, and everything is set up for you to begin developing a new report. 

It is highly recommended that you work through the tutorials in the Help/Contents/BIRT Report Developer Guide.